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The Icthonike Rites are a set of ritual actions that, all together, provide a complete basis for experiencing life. This is Volume 1: Bindings and the Manner of Their Undoing. 

Are you sure this is a game?

Use them in a game you are playing. Use them in real life. Use them when you are doing nothing at all. If you act, exist, or have any meaning, you are performing the Icthonike Rites. 

How do I use them?

Keep the rite in your mind that you are performing. Perform the required actions in any order until you achieve the end result. If you are playing in a game with dice, you may roll using the number of boxes checked. You'll know when it works.

The first step is not strictly necessary. You are performing the Icthonike Rites whether you want to or not. But it's harder to keep track of something you're not aware of.

What's in this one?

Volume 1 contains six rites: the Chimerical Wedding, Black Gates, Salt-Under-Stone, Heart's Unscathing, Emerald Obelisk, and Brontologion. 

Can I have this for free?

Community copies are available for those who particularly need methods of binding or unbinding.

Where is Icthonike?

StatusIn development
CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorEmily Zhu 朱寶敬
TagsMagic, philosophy, ritual, tatterpig


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